Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

was born in 1956. He is the founder of The Art of Living Foundation, a humanitarian organization that  is represented in over 150 countries worldwide. In addition to humanitarian work it instructs people in spiritual stress management.

The breathing exercises that are taught in special workshops of The Art of Living are next to meditation, prayer and contemplation the most powerful tool to achieve mental clarity, inner peace, trust and confidence. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is an ambassador of peace, he is totally dedicated to this task.

He communicates his vision of a world free of stress and violence at international forums and global meetings, including at the United> Nations, Global Economy Forums or the Protestant Church Forum, to name just a few.

The Book
Atempause Jetzt! Spirituelles Stressmanagement nach Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Regina Bönsel Früher mag es ausreichend gewesen sein, mit Hilfe von Zeitmanagement das eigene Leben zu optimieren. Doch ein ruheloser, gestresster Geist kreist mit den Gedanken um das Negative, sieht überall nur Probleme.